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    Science is essential to the understanding of ourselves and the world around us, fulfilling our role as guardians of God’s creation. As budding scientists at St Joseph’s, we are learning to live sustainably and enhance the well-being of our own planet. 


    We provide opportunities of awe and wonder, instilling a lifelong love of science within our pupils. In every lesson, teachers create a collaborative learning environment so that children can cultivate reasoning and justification for their thoughts and ideas. As in all subjects, science teaching and learning is adapted so that every child is supported and challenged in the appropriate manner. 


    We equip the children with the correct science-specific vocabulary, knowledge and investigative skills to become confident, adept scientists. Within every classroom, regular scientific discussions are paramount, so that children can apply, consolidate and deepen their understanding of important scientific concepts. 


    Following the guidance of the National Curriculum, we provide a rich, cumulative learning journey for each child as they transition from EYFS through to Year 6. Teachers are skilled at drawing upon prior scientific knowledge and enquiry skills so that all children are encouraged to think and learn scientifically at every stage of their education. 


    Please see our science progression and overview below.