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Prayer Room

Prayer Room


The Prayer Room is a safe secure area of the school where the Y6 pupils lead prayer sessions for the younger children. The children pray using the four different purposes of prayer: showing love to God; giving thanks;  saying sorry and asking for help. Pupils can talk to  prayer leaders about their beliefs, or come out in a group to learn more and develop their faith.


We work mainly on Catholicism but will also talk about other religions if this would make your child more comfortable and included. The Prayer Room is led by eight prayer leaders from Year 6. Every child will be taken out in a group with his or her class. The Prayer Room can be for personal prayer or group prayer; every class from year R to year 6 will come out at some point during the academic year.

 Adults supervise the groups but  prayer sessions are held with two prayer leaders. The positive side of all the prayer leaders being still in their primary stages is that they will be able to understand the children and know what kind of lesson that the dedicated group would prefer to do.


The prayer room is open all through the school day and available to anyone and everyone. Personal prayer is optional. Personal prayer is aimed for children with family problems, grieving and friendship problems. The staff are also encouraged to use this space and we have also had some parents visiting the prayer room e.g if there has been a family death- all are welcome!
The prayer room is a calm place and your child will enjoy the wide range of activities planned for their class. 


Written by the Year 6 Prayer Leaders


The Prayer Room is available during break times for individual or group reflection and prayer.