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Enviro Sort

Enviro Sort is a recycling plant where all the recycling from Herefordshire and Worcestershire go, and our Eco-council went there on a trip to learn about what happens to our recycling!

So, what did we learn?

Firstly, we watched a film which had three amazing facts! 

  1. One glass bottle can power a tv for an hour!
  2. Newspaper can be recycled into a new newspaper in only seven days!
  3. A single shower gel bottle can create enough power to toast three slices of bread!


Next, we went onto looking at the machines in the factory.

The first machine is Pre-Sort cabin where all non-recyclables are hand-picked. We even had a go at pretending to work in Pre-Sort. The second machine is the Glass Breaker!!! This is where all glass is broken by moving plates that are like floors sending all of the glass into its own cabin. There are many more machines, that crush cans and plastic too.


Things to remember!

Do not squish down tins and cans as the machines will mistake it for cardboard or paper, do this except for cardboard, squish it down so that it is 2d! Also don’t put oversized cardboard in the recycling because it can break the machines.


By Emi and Caitlin Year 6- Eco Council


The Eco-Council at St Joseph’s


We are keen, green and we work as a team.

We want to make a difference.


Hello, we are St Joseph’s Eco-Council!



We meet at least once every fortnight with Mrs Leech and Mrs Clarke (Y6) to discuss our plans for making St Joseph’s and our local community a greener place to live.


We know that the future is in our hands and it is up to us to make the changes necessary to prevent climate change and any further damage to our beautiful planet.


Here are some of our reasons for wanting to become Eco-Councillors:


‘I want to save the environment and help the Earth stay strong and healthy. I want to plant more trees and pick litter up off the street.’


‘I care about the environment and I want to protect wildlife and the world. I will use less plastic and be more eco-friendly.’


‘I want the world to be a safer and better place. I want to ban plastic and use more recyclable and reusable products.’


I want to save the environment and make it a better place for future generations.’


The Eco-Council have written an Eco-code, a list of their aspirations and goals, which they would like to share with their peers


Grow trees to help replace the ones that have been cut down.

Rescue the environment from single-use plastic.

Educate people about the environment and how to look after it.

End pollution and global warming.

Nourish our wildlife and encourage nature.



Eco- council arranged a ‘Green Day’ in aid of a local wildlife charity at the beginning of June, and they would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated on ‘Green Day’. We managed to raise an amazing £156 for the Worcester Wildlife Trust!


Local Council:


Last October we met with the Chairman of Wychavon District Council, Mr Alex Sinton. He shared the Council’s plans for making Wychavon eco-friendlier and we tried out the recycling game on the Council’s website. Take a look, it’s educational and fun!

Wychavon Council Waste Game


Eco-School status:


We are currently working towards Eco-School status and we presented an assembly to the children in Key Stage 2 to tell them about our plans. It is so important that everyone in the school is on board because becoming an Eco-school involves us all working together to make a change.


At the moment we are finalising our Environmental Reviews and based on our findings, will be making an Action Plan that will involve making positive changes here at school.


We will keep you informed of our progress so watch this space for further updates! In the meantime, take a look at the Eco-Schools website:




In other news, in January we visited Enviro-Sort which is a local recycling plant to learn more about recycling and what happens to recyclable products after the lorry has taken them out of our green bins! We learnt about which items can and can’t be recycled and how the machines at Enviro-sort ‘sort’ them.


Here is their website:


Baby Bank:

In March, Ruth Deller came in to talk to us about the Baby Bank she helps run. This is a great initiative as it recycles old baby items and gives them a new home where they will be loved and used again. They take anything including clothing, toys, etc. suitable from birth-5 years.

The baby bank is open to all families completely free of charge. It is held on the last Saturday of each month at Wychbold Village Hall, School Road, WR9 7PP 10am-12.


More Information:

Take a look at these websites to help you learn more about protecting the environment:


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Keeeeeeep recycling!


The Eco-Council