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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects by following the links below. Our main aim here at St Joseph's is to offer a broad and balanced curriculum which is enriched with challenge, variety and fulfillment. Further detail about the curriculum can be gained by contacting your child's class teacher via the school office (details below). 


Pre SchoolMrs
Year 1Mrs Leech & Miss
Year 2Miss
Year 3Mr
Year 4Miss
Year 5Mrs
Year 6Mrs


Phonics & Reading Schemes / Information we use in Key Stage 1 - 


In Reception, we start our phonics journey with Phase 2 of Letters and Sounds progressing into Phase 3 after the Autumn term. We supplement both of these phases with stories, actions and songs from Jolly Phonics. Using the rhymes we introduce correct letter formation. Phase 4 is taught in the summer term leading into Year 1.


During their time in Year 1, children begin Phase 5 where they are taught new phase 5 sounds as a whole class. Based on their progress and acquisition of sounds, children are then placed in groups to match their phonics level.


At St Joseph's, we follow the Collins Big Cat reading scheme throughout the school.


On entry to Year 2, children are exposed to new spelling rules through daily English lessons and expected to apply these in their independent writing.


Common exception words and statutory words are explicitly taught in all year groups.


Phase 2- 5 tricky words




Year 1 and 2 Common exception words




Year 2 can access spelling rule words and games on:





Glossary of SPAG Terms - English

20 Minute Daily Reading Impact