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Behaviour Culture

At St Joseph’s we have a strong culture of positive behaviour, which is rooted in our Catholic beliefs, Catholic schools’ pupil profile values and virtues, Catholic Social Teaching and the British Values. Our high standards for behaviour reflect the core values of our school, setting a clear vision of what good behaviour looks like at St Joseph’s. As a result, our consistent whole-school approach to behaviour ensures that: safety for all is priority, all rewards and sanctions are fair and proportionate, and that everyone is treated with respect. Our behaviour policy and culture permeate through every aspect of school life. 

The Roots of Our Behaviour Culture

To find out more about the core influences on our behaviour culture, please use the links below:

All stakeholders are involved in the formation of the behaviour rules, rewards and sanctions.  Pupil voice is facilitated through the School Council, who take a lead role in developing, implementing and monitoring behaviour approaches and systems.  

Our School Rules

Consistently clear language and images are used to allow all pupils to understand our expectations for behaviour. All pupils, in all Key Stages, are taught what good behaviour look like e.g. good listening behaviour, to create an environment where good conduct is more likely than poor conduct.  

Good behaviours are taught within a personalised behaviour curriculum.  This is delivered in PSHE lessons in the first month of the academic year.  It is then revisited as and when staff feel pupils need reminding of the behaviour expectations. 

An Example of the St Joseph's PSHE Behaviour Curriculum

School Systems and Responses to Behaviour

Teaching staff are encouraged to reflect on good conduct and behaviour using behaviour reflection sentence stems. When staff apply sanctions, they do so acknowledging that these responses to misbehaviour are for the purpose of deterring poor conduct, protecting everyone and improving pupils’ understanding of what good behaviour and conduct is.  Misbehaviour is dealt with predictably, proportionately and assertively in accordance with systems stated within this policy and its supporting documents. 

The Zone Board

You can access all behaviour policies, using the link below.