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Children’s Involvement in their Learning


Wherever possible, the school looks to involve children in their own learning.  The school considers that this motivates and inspires children to achieve their best and to develop positive attitudes to future learning.


Examples of children’s involvement in their own learning include:

  • Each class creates a class charter at the beginning of the school year.  In this, the children decide how they will look after their classroom and resources, work with each other and help others.
  • Children are sometimes given choices on how to present their work to their teacher, their class, their group or their parents.
  • Children make choices about the role they will take when working collaboratively within a group.
  • Children help to plan themed days and weeks.
  • Children help to plan their class liturgies.
  • Children are involved in leading prayer within their classes.
  • Children engage in a range of home learning activities which are linked to their current topic and it encourages them to share their learning with their parents.
  • Children are involved in other ways of improving the school, and fundraising activities to support the building fund or local charities.