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Class 4

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Who’s Who?


Miss McLeod – Class Teachers

Mrs Thorneycroft and Mrs Blackmore– Teaching Assistants



Our Class Saint is St. Teresa of Calcutta


Key Days  - Spring Term


PE – Every Tuesday and Wednesday. 


Homework is given out on a Friday and is due in the following Friday.  Spellings are set on Spelling Frame, and Maths is set on My Maths.


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 Topic Overview for the Year



Crime and Punishment – We will examine Crime and Punishment throughout British history, including during the Roman era, Anglo Saxon Britain, The Tudor period and during Victorian times.

Romans – Exploring the Roman invasions, Hadrian’s Wall, Roman way of life, Roman Gods, Roman baths, Emperors, gladiators and soldiers.

Riotous Royals – In this topic we will be learning about famous Royals from the Norman times to the present day.

The Railways - In this topic the children will learn about the development of the Railways in Great Britain, giving them the opportunity to find out about the history of the railways and significant early locomotives. They will also investigate some important historical events, such as the opening of the first passenger carrying railway lines and the Rainhill Trials and they will learn about some of the key people who were influential in the development of the railways.




Somewhere to Settle – This topic is all about why settlements develop in certain locations.

The UK – Examine the UK in detail, including major cities, rivers, mountains and counties.

All Around the World – In this topic we will compare the UK with various locations around the world, looking at countries around the equator and Polar regions. We will also compare the climate of the UK to tropical areas.