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In Design Technology the children are given the opportunities to develop their imaginative thinking and discover how things work. Pupils are given the skills to research, design, make and evaluate products, encouraging creative thinking and problem solving skills.

In Key Stage One, pupils will learn to recognise what a product is and what it is used for. They will discover how products work and discuss their designs and features. Pupils will start to explore existing products and evaluate the design criteria. They will experiment with a range of tools, materials, textiles, ingredients and construction to create their own products. Pupils will learn where food comes from and what constitutes a healthy and balanced diet. They will get to develop early cooking skills.

In Key Stage Two, pupils will be taught to understand the importance of research to inform their designs. They will use discussion, sketches and diagrams to communicate their own ideas. Pupils will have a wider option of tools, materials, textiles, construction and ingredients to choose from when designing and creating their own products. They will learn the importance of evaluating their products and they will have access to using mechanical and electrical systems to enhance their products.  Pupils will have a greater understanding of a healthy and varied diet and its importance. They will expand their cooking skills and learn more about the seasonality, growing, rearing and catching of ingredients involved in cooking.