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Phonics lessons are held daily in Reception and Key Stage 1 following our own St Joseph’s scheme based on Letters & Sounds.


 At St Joseph’s, we use a wide range of books which are tailored for children’s needs, these are heavily phonics based in Reception and Year 1; the children then move onto books which are organised in bands and matched to the ability of individual readers.  There is a wealth of other books around school, in the classrooms and Library which help to further develop a love of reading.



Reading skills are also taught through formal guided reading and whole class reading sessions in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 using VIPERS.  In all classes, these sessions help to develop a wide range of reading skills based on the content domains for reading in each Key Stage.


Key Stage 1 reading domains:



Key Stage 2 reading domains:




The school teaches writing by ensuring that children have opportunities to write for different purposes and that they have been exposed to rich and beautiful texts. Throughout their writing, children will have unpicked how authors create a variety of effects through word choices and will be shown how to craft their own sentences.

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