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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School & Pre School, Droitwich

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Phonics lessons are held daily in Reception and Key Stage 1.


At St Joseph’s, we use a wide range of books which are tailored for children’s needs, these are heavily phonics based in Reception and Year 1; the children then move onto books which are organised in bands and matched to the ability of individual readers.  There is a wealth of other books around school, in the classrooms and Library which help to further develop a love of reading.


Reading skills are also taught through formal guided reading groups in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  In Key Stage 2, these sessions help to develop a wide range of reading skills.


The school teaches writing through a variety of grammar, spelling and punctuation lessons. Where possible, the children’s extended writing is linked to topic work or RE.  Each Friday morning, there is an opportunity for a ‘free’ write where the children are able to be more creative with their writing.