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Useful Working from Home Resources for All Year Groups

From West Bromwich Albion


We are working as hard as we can to provide as much support as we can remotely to schools, teachers and to parents/children who are at home. We want to especially do that for you, as a valued partner of The Albion Foundation.


With this in mind, we have created a completely FREE “WBA Stay Home Offer” – which will contain a digital resource to keep children active.


The idea of these resources are:

  • To support parents/children at home in keeping them active and still LEARNING through P.E.
  • To support teachers who need to deliver P.E. in school still, where there are very low numbers of children and mixed age groups
  • To improvise where proper and normal P.E. equipment is not available (i.e. most households)
  • To look out for the physical and mental wellbeing of children
  • To involve families!


This programme will consist of an activity each day, either sent in the form of a TASK SHEET (in a simple JPEG image file) or a VIDEO challenge (posted as a YouTube link)


We will be focusing on the below timetable:

  • MONDAY: PE with a “movement” theme
  • TUESDAY: Football challenge
  • WEDNESDAY: Well-being task
  • THURSDAY: PE with a “skill” theme
  • FRIDAY: Football challenge


The idea of all of these challenges, is they should be suitable for ALL ages (as best as possible), and will be with suggested adaptations to progresses children or for older ages.


We are also able to recommend a number of other external sources for keeping children active, and would suggest that all of the resources we send out are IN ADDITION to the daily exercise they are hopefully completing anyway.


We are asking for your support, to pass this information on to PARENTS AT HOME – either via email, newsletter, or however you best communicate with parents. To receive this information, all they need to do, is access our online registration form (link below), which provides the information we need to monitor the impact of these resources, and to send them out. It is a simple registration form, and we will send an email once per week with a selection of activities for the following week for them to complete.

This is OPEN ACCESS and can go out to ANY school, ANY teacher, ANY family and ANY child. We encourage teachers to sign-up, as this may provide some suitable simple activities that can be completed in school with low numbers (and may come in useful in the future for things like wet-break activities when “normality” resumes). We are setting up a prize draw as well, to encourage sign-ups as we want to see people staying active during these difficult times.


Who should sign up?

  • Teachers who are working in schools and want ideas for PE with reduced numbers/mixed ages
  • Parents/families at home with children looking at fun ways to keep them active
  • Anyone who wants some new ideas for simple resources and physical activities that can be done with minimal specialist equipment


LINK FOR REGISTRATION: (note: I have removed the hyperlink to try and avoid being sent to junk mail, so please just copy and paste the above link into your browsers).

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