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Resources Linked to Mental Health Week 2021


Here are some tips on how to support your young person’s wellbeing:
With schools being closed and lots of people working from home, we know that during this period it’s really important that you look after your mental and emotional wellbeing as well as your physical health.
Children and young people especially will now be spending their days at home away from their usual routine, friends and activities.
This can create worry about the effect this may have on your child’s development, physical and mental health, as well as your family’s wellbeing.





10 ways...
Children's emotions can seem big and unpredictable at times. Although these can be natural parts of a developing mind, it's easy for us to be drawn into a "fixer" role and want to make the crying stop.
Here are 10 different ways to acknowledge and validate their emotions, while also giving them the words to make sense of what they are feeling. 



Emotional cup:
So much of what we do in our daily interactions can fill a child's "emotional cup" - greeting them warmly, sharing a funny story, giving them time to talk about their interests, appreciating their efforts & conveying empathy for their feelings
The emotional cup is a helpful way to explain to your child why it's important for them to identify how they're feeling, to come to you if they're running on empty, and what they can do to ensure their cup is always full. Emphasise the importance of always taking care of themselves and their mental health.



Often when we picture anxiety, we picture the “typical” symptoms — worrying, overthinking, panic attacks etc. However, anxiety can present itself in a lot of different ways.
It’s important for us to recognise that anxiety is often more than just worrying.  A child who appears to be oppositional or aggressive may be reacting to anxiety - anxiety they may not be able to articulate effectively, or not even fully recognise their feelings.













The Stress Relief Giraffe:
With their busy schedules and pressure to perform at school during a time of COVID-19 uncertainty, children face a lot of stress, making stress management for kids a hot topic for parents.
The Stress Relief Giraffe offers a clear visual for young people to describe their level of stress as well as some tips for coping.