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A Grid of Work if your child is self isolating

Personal, Social and Emotional development

  • Practise getting changed independently, including zips and buttons 
  • Practice getting to know emotions, watch and listen to the story.


Discuss with a Parent

  • Do you know what the emotions look like?
  • Can you make faces to match the emotions?
  • How do these emotions make your body feel?

Communication and Language

  • Collect 10 objects from around your house or garden. You choose 1 and your parent chooses 1. Look at the 2 objects and say what is the same about them and what is different.
  • Tell a grown-up your favourite story in your own words.
  • Look at the website

for some great ideas of activities to help with children’s listening and talking

Physical Development

  • Practise cutting out shapes and pictures. Make sure your thumb is on top!
  • Practise catching large and small balls. Can you bounce it and then catch it? Can you balance a ball on different parts of your body?
  • Try a Cosmic Yoga session



  • Watch the story of The Three Snow Bears being read.
  • Does this story remind you of another story you know? What is the same and what is different about the two stories?
  • Draw a picture from the story and ask a grown-up to write what is happening in the picture
  • Practise writing your name, starting each letter in the correct place
  • For each of the letters that we have learnt, do you know what the capital letter looks like? Try playing this game.



  • Use your ‘Teach Your Monster to Read’ app to play games to help with phonics learning



  • Make yourself some number cards 1-10 and a ten frame  
  • Choose one of the numbers and place that many objects on your ten frame
  • Now add one more object – how many do you have now? Practise with different numbers
  • Now try taking one away to make one less. What is one less than your number card?

Understanding the World

  • Find things in your home that are hot or can get hot. What do we use them for?
  • What did God make? Draw what you remember from The Creation story.
  • Make up your own prayer to thank God for everything you are grateful for.


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