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English Writing



Use this picture for inspiration to write a narrative.

Think of ideas first – gather vocabulary and nouns – what do you see? What do you wonder? What do you infer from what you see?

Use these to build phrases including similes, metaphors and personification.

Include noun phrases, exciting vocabulary. Can you hook your reader with rhetorical questions?

Write a persuasive letter about why your favourite season is the best!


English Reading


Read your reading book - a chapter a day!


Take a character and write a  description of  them – what do they look like?

How does their appearance reflect their character?

Has the author used techniques and vocabulary choices to make you sympathise or dislike them?


Can you tell the story from an alternative view-point?


English Grammar

Using Oak Academy






Use My Maths

TT Rockstars

Espresso education

Hit the button


to revise any areas you find tricky.

(All websites are on the home-work pages)


Complete a 5-a-day Corbett Maths sheet –





Use your initiative and do the lessons covering the area of maths we are currently focusing on in class on My Maths to keep up as much as you can.



Use Oak Academy and look at the lessons on Forces







Watch this short video entitles ‘Henri Matisse for kids’


You will find that it gives some history of the artist and instructions for creating your own version of Matisse art!








Find a yoga or dance video and take part




Using Oak Academy choose a country within the United Kingdom and build a locational knowledge of its geography.




Write an essay about what makes Christianity unique



Use this link to Oak academy





Look at our Church Website:


Look at the ‘Groups and Outreach’ section and record 5 bullet points to summarise the work of 3 of the groups.

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